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Adoclean - Cleaner for Concrete, Masonry and Equipment

Adoclean is a selected blend of inorganic acids for the removal of cementitious contamination and rust from a wide range of surfaces. Ferrous metal objects treated with Adoclean are left with a lightly phosphated surface providing added protection against further rusting.

Adobrite - Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner

Adobrite is a clear blue gel which has been formulated to be safe to use on all hard surfaces, including metals. Adobrite contains a thickening agent to improve cling to vertical and inclined surfaces when used at 50% dilution rate.

Adowash - solvent cleaner for sprayers

Adowash is an opaque creamy white liquid developed for the cleaning of sprayers and other equipment that has been used with Adocure resin based products. It is also suitable for use with Adolac, Adoseal, Resoseal, Ado-Florseal and Ado-Wallseal.

Cleaning Agents