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Water Based,Medium & High Efficiency Concrete Curing Compounds SAFECURE is a spray-on temporary membrane to retain moisture in freshly placed concrete. It is formulated to prevent evaporation of the gauging water and provides an economical and efficient method for curing concrete. Available in two efficiency grades, SAFECURE Standard and SAFECURE Super provide 70% and 90% efficiency respectively. Packaging: 210 litre and 25 litre.


Water Based,Combined Curing & Sealing Compound SAFECURE SEALER is a water based, low odour,membrane forming liquid for curing, sealing and dustproofing concrete. SAFECURE SEALER is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well on both interior and exterior concrete. Packaging: 210 litre, 25 litre and 5 litre (box of 4).


High Performance,Water Based,Concrete Floor Sealer SAFEFLORSEAL is a water based, low odour, polyurethane acrylic dispersion,white translucent in appearance which, after evaporation of the water, forms a highly durable film with a tenacious bond to concrete. Packaging: 210 litre, 25 litre and 5 litre (box of 4).

Eco-friendly Concrete Curing & Sealing