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Expanding Waterstops

Bentonite Waterstop

Waterstop is a bentonite composite that is used for effective sealing of joints concrete construction. This material will expand on contact with water to seal gaps and pores in a concrete joint. After expanding the material retains it's elasticity so that the seal will not be affected by any subsequent movement of the structure. To prevent movement of the waterstop during the concrete pour, a fixing grid is placed over it and shot fixed into position. Waterstop comes in rolls of 20 x 25mm, 5m long.

Hydrophilic Waterstop

Aquabar is a synthetic elastomeric compound that expands to approximately twice its original size (by volume) when it comes in prolonged contact with water. It has been developed for use in construction joints where it expands to fill any minor voids in the surrounding concrete, preventing the passage of water across the plane of the construction joint. Main applications would include water and sewerage treatment plants, basements, tanks, pipe or chamber joints, car parks etc. Aquabar is non-degradable and has been tested and approved under the UK Water Fittings Bylaws Scheme as suitable for use in potable water contracts such as reservoirs. Aquabar should be fixed directly to sound concrete by nailing at 500mm centres, between layers of reinforcement on slabs or walls. It must be fixed no less than 70mm from the finished surface of the concrete. Its initial expansion is delayed for six hours to minimise the risk of cracking in green concrete.
For General Construction For Water Retaining Construction Size 20mm x 5mm Nominal 20mm x 10mm Nominal