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Foam Rod

45kg closed cell circular foam rod use in expansion joints. Alternatively it can be used as groutcheck foam, particularly around precast elements.


Flexcell is a sheet of compressed wood fibres impregnated with bitumen emulsion. It is used as a general expansion joint filler in concrete slab and wall construction.


A fast efficient, cost effective system for all brick and concrete expansion joints. It comes ready to use in a variety of sizes with the top edge pre-cut for stripping.


Miothene 70 is a continuous chemically cross-linked closed cell semi-rigid polyethylene joint filler designed for forming critical movement/expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and blockwork. It is light, clean and easy to use, rot-proof, non- absorbent, resistant to most chemicals and oils, non-staining and has high weathering and ozone resistance. Miothene 70 is available in sheets of 2m x 0.8m and thicknesses of 10mm, 20mm, 25mm.

Slip Membrane

A slip membrane produced from ultra-heavy density polyethylene, 2mm in thickness. It is used in sliding joints where low friction resistant material is needed, but a high resistance to load is also required. Normally used in two layers therefore to form a low friction load bearing sliding joint. Available in 25m rolls cu to any width up to 800mm.


Bitucork is a robust, bitumen impregnated cork filler board which will not extrude under load. Like all 'Texell' foam filler boards it is waterproof, rotproof and resistant to most chemicals and alkalis. It has a high impact resistance, particularly against abrasive materials making it suitable also as a protection board. Applications: Water retaining and basement structures, sea defences and structural movement joints. Compliant with ASTM D1751 requirements. Bitucork is availabe in sheet sizes 2.14m x 914mm and the following thicknesses: 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm


A resin bonded cork fillerboard used in water retaining structures such as water treatment and sewerage plants, sea walls and reservoirs etc. Compliant with ASTM D1745, Type 2. Cork-tex is available in sheets of 610mm x 915mm and thicknesses of: 12mm, 20mm, 25mm

Expansion Joint Material

6mm 	1500m 	CTN 	20mm 	300m 	CTN 10mm 	1100m 	CTN 	25mm 	200m 	CTN 12mm 	900m 	CTN 	30mm 	150m 	CTN 15mm 	500m 	CTN 	40mm 	80m 		CTN Dimensions Sizes 2.3 x 1.22m 	12mm 2.3 x 1.22m 	20mm 2.3 x 1.22m 	25mm Sheet Size Thickness Expansion Joint Material