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Tie Bolt Sleeve

A 2 meter long PVC tube for tie bars. Available with a smooth or rough outer surface. Other sizes available. Plastic connector for tie bolt sleeve 22mm.

Bolt Sleeve Cones

Bolt sleeve cones fit at the ends of tie bolt sleeves, and are extracted after the removal of formwork to form chamfered recess for subsequent grouting.Other diameters also available. 50mm cover cones, plain or grooved, are useful in civil engineering applications. Extractor tool available.

Combined Cones & Plugs

Use the cone part with the sleeves and seal afterwards with the plug to provide a complete waterproof system, no need for aquafix stoppers or cementitious tie-seal.

Column Formers

Column formers are rigid, spirally wound cardboard tubes which form circular columns in a variety of different finishes such as fairfaced or seamless. Available in 4 metre lengths as standard and a variety of diameters. Other shapes such as square, oval, octagon, etc, available on request.

Aquafix Stoppers

Aquafix is a flexible plastic stopper for sealing the tie bolt sleeve as a backing where grouting is necessary. Insertion tool available. Other diameters also available.

Plastic Stoppers

22mm Stoppers with lip to seal tie holes where there is no water pressure. Conical shaped stoppers are used to seal holes in formwork. Plastic stoppers with a slightly conical shape. Available in a range of sizes up to 40mm.

Spring Clips and Span Wire

Spring clips are suitable for span wire up to 10mm. Span wire, normal diameter 6mm, available in 3m and 6m lengths.

Clip Tensioner

For stressing span wire up to 10mm.

Tie Bar System

Tie bar is produced from high tensile steel. The standard diameter of 15mm is tested to a safe working load of 90kn. (factor of safety:2)Larger diameters also available.

Wing Nut

Cast iron. To suit 15MM and 20MM diameter tie bar. Also available, heavy duty flanged wing nut with 70MM diameter base.

Waler Plate

To suit 15MM Tie Bar To suit 20MM Tie Bar


Ties two 15mm Tie Bars (Dividag) bars together.

Plastic Water Seal

Plastic water seal for formwork spacer.

Cast Iron Water Barrier Nut

Plastic water seal for formwork spacer.

Rock Anchor

Rock anchor will accept 15mm diameter tie bar. Drill hole 35-37mm.



Metal spray cans 6 litre capacity. Backpack sprayer 18 Litre capacity. A range of spare parts are available.

Chamfer Edges

Used for forming chamfered edges on stairs columns etc. The profiles are nailed onto the formwork and are reusable.

Chamfer Edge Fillet

Used for forming chamfered corners to columns and beams and features such as those on expansion joints on walls.

Formwork Stoppers with Nail

For fixing of shuttering at base.

Hy-Rib Permanent Formwork for Concrete

Hy-rib is expanded metal with high ribs, made from hot dipped zinc coated steel sheet. Applications include: construction joints in the base slabs capping beams vertical joints daywork joints curved formwork permanent soffit formwork water retaining structures Detailed brochure available on request.

Adoplug - Wall tie sealing Compound

Adoplug is a polymer modified cementitious powder designed specifically for plugging tie holes. When mixed with water it forms a cohesive easy-to-apply shrink compensating compound and cures to develop a strongly bonded watertight plug to form an effective seal.
Size Measures 100mm x 80mm LENGTHS AVAILABLE  1.2m 1.5m 2m 3m LONGER LENGTHS TO ORDER. LENGTHS AVAILABLE  120 x 120 x 10mm 120 x 120 x 20mm TYPE COVER (mm)   a b c 10 10 16 14 15 15 15 21 20 20 19 27 25 25 25 35 30 30 25 42 TYPE COVER (mm)   a c 10 10 15 15 15 21 20 20 28 25 25 35 30 28 40 DEPTH  20 x 10 20 x 20 25 x 12 25 x 25 Size (mm) ID/OD 22/26 Size (mm) Standard 22mm with 10mm cover. Also available with 15, 20, 30 & 50mm covers. SIZES  22mm 26mm SIZES  250mm x 4m 300mm x 4m 350mm x 4m 400mm x 4m Size Standard size 22mm

Formwork Accessories

Formwork Accessories