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Adoseal - plastic formworking coating

Adoseal is a low viscosity, high solids, single pack moisture curing polyethylene which being of lower vapour pressure than most similar materials, is an easier material for operatives to use.

Adoshield - Concrete Plant & formwork Protector

Adoshield displaces water and leaves behind a dry flexible well bonded waxy protective coating which is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for metal components for use during storage and transportation.

Adofill - Formwork Patch Repair Compound

Adofill is a twin pack polyester resin based system consisting of a tin of a resin paste and a tube of hardener paste. The addition to the resin paste of a small amount of hardener produces a rapid setting compound with a physical and chemical properties which make it ideal for the repair of surface damage, and irregularities on most types of formwork in common use.

Formwork Repair