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Frimeda Rapid Lift System

Frimeda Rapid Lift System consists of a steel anchor set in the concrete and a lifting hook (ring clutch) which is used to raise the precast element. The design of the ring clutches and anchors permit a pulling load from any direction.

Spread Anchors

The spread anchor is very versatile in that it provides efficient anchorage in both thin panels and slabs. Main applications are used are: columns, beams, trusses, wall units and double t-slabs. Additional anchorage can be achieved by using reinforcement through the second hole. Load Range 0.7t to 22.0 t.

Two Hole Anchor

The head of the two-hole anchor is identical to the head of the spread anchor. The anchorage in the concrete is achieved by means of a reinforcement tail. Main Applications: prestressed concrete trusses, thin walled elements, low strength concrete (eg light weight concrete). Load Range 1.4t to 26.0 t

Flat foot Anchor

This anchor is used mainly for items with a concrete strength, at lifting, in excess of 20N/sq nm. Reinforcement tails are essential. Typical applications: demoulding panels, lifting thin slabs, concrete pipes.

Erection Anchor

This anchor is used in the erection of thin walled units from horizontal to vertical positions. Load range is 1.4t to 22.0t.

Ring Clutches

The ring clutches consist of a shackle and a clutch head. The clutch head for each type matches the shape of the recess former (see accessories) and incorporates a locking bolt which engages in the head of the cast-in anchor. The shackle is free to move in any direction. Available in the following load groups: 2.5t, 5.0t, 10.0t, 26.0t.


Recess Formers Anchors must be installed using the correct recess former to ensure the fit of the ring clutch and a safe lift. The formers are made of a highly durable plastic, have good resistance against the formwork release oil and can be used over again. The formers should not be nailed to the formwork if avoidable but applied with holding plates and bolts. Holding Plates The plates consist of a base with two studs and four holes for nailing to the formwork. For assembly, the recess former is fitted onto the studs and the mould can then be easily removed without taking the plate off. Magnetic plates are also available. Holding Bolts A threaded bolt is used for fixing the recess former. It has a locked wing nut at the upper end and an identical loose wing nut on the thread.