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HIT Balcony Connection System

Reinforcement continuity and thermal break system for cantilevered balcony construction that minimises the effects of cold bridging experienced with traditional reinforcement. Continuous from internal slab through to external balcony. Full brochure available on request.

Cast In Channels

HTA cast-in channels are available in a wide range of sizes with load capacities up to 32kN pull out or shear, whilst a new generation of HZA hot rolled toothed channels give unrivalled longitudinal capacity. A full range of matching T bolts and locking plates is also available. Channels are also available in plain back for welding, slotted back for surface fixing or with welded anchors (HTA) for casting into concrete. Full brochure available on request.

Masonry Support Angle

Masonry support systems using the bracket/angle system to support masonry above horizontal soft joints. The systems have high load capacity and give site adjustability whilst meeting the most stringent industry requirements. Construction Accessories stock the Pick 'n' Fix system for cavities 100-115mm. Size 1 takes a load of up to 7.3kN/m and Size 2 takes a load of up to 14.6kN/m. This can be fixed back to cast in channels or post fixed with resin or expansion anchors. Full brochure available on request.


Designed to strengthen masonry panels, windposts are mainly used as vertical posts at intermediate points between structural columns. They are usually storey height and have a fixed base and sliding top cleat fixed to the structural slab. Full brochure available on request.

Shear Studs

Designed to prevent punching shear failure at column heads in concrete flat slab construction, the system uses ribbed bars forged to make double-ended studs that provide virtually slip-free shear head reinforcement. They are supplied in modules of two or three as shown and are very easy to schedule with the Halfen Calculation Method available from the Halfen website. Full brochure available on request.

Stone Support

Designed to support stonework, the Lutz anchors are totally adjustable and easy to use on site. Grout-in anchors comprise deformed tubes and are suitable for anchoring in resin or mortar. Body anchors consist of bracket and paddle bolt and are normally fixed with a site drilled bolt. Full brochure available on request.

Pourstop & Skis

Two custom fabricated solutions that provide safe and secure fixings into or close to the edge of thin metal deck flooring. The high load capacities are ideal for brickwork support systems, curtain wall fixings and in lift installations. Full brochure available on request. 

Corner Guards

Corner guards are the ideal protection for corners and edges of concrete walls and columns in car parks, factories and other building where vehicular movements occur. They are available in hot dip galvanised and stainless steel. Full brochure available on request. 

Detan Tension Rod System

Conceived to provide aesthetic solutions to architectural designs whilst meeting the structural and functional requirements of the building, the system provides engineers and contractors with reliable and easy to install components from a standard range. Comes in a variety of finishes such as carbon steel (black or electroplated) and stainless steel (bright drawn, electro-polished or hand polished). Full brochure available on request.


Designed to provide mechanical and structural engineers with an alternative to conventional structural steel for both beams and columns, the systems has all the versatility of Halfen channel and T bolts but encapsulated in a heavy duty box section. Brackets are supplied pre-assembled for quick and easy installation. Power Click 63 is ideal for use in pharmaceutical applications for pipe supports where welding is prohibited. Full brochure available on request.

Halfen Concrete Façade, Framing Connections & Support Systems

Construction Accessories supply the complete range of Halfen-Deha products. To see the complete range of Halfen-Deha products call us or visit www.halfen.co.uk
Halfen Concrete, Facade & Framing Systems