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Reinforcement Connection Systems

Starter Bar Continuity System

This starter bar system is a cost effective, safe way of producing a good quality joint in reinforced concrete without damage to formwork. Standard length of case=1.25m. Bars can be at various centres. S = 150mm centres = 8 connection bars S = 200mm centres = 6 connection bars Depth of casing: 12mm bar = 40mm 16mm bar = 50mm A large variety of special sizes and different profiles can be made to order. Starter bars BST 500 s, which means the yield point is 500N/mm2 and the tensile is 550N/mm2. Rebending can be done under low temperatures. All steel is CARES approved. The rebar bending area is completely inside the housing due to conical shaped holes. Grooves with slight perforation ensure excellent connection to the concrete and shear load transmission. The steel casing remains firm and stable in concrete. The ends of casing are closed to avoid the entrance of grout. Diameter of bending rolls DBR=6xds (in accordance with German standard DIN 1045, 18.3.30) at rebending area. Trapezoidal shape of casing improves the embedment in concrete. No corrosion of the edges of the galvanised steel casing due to its embedment in concrete. Galvanised steel cover plate. High stability and easy to remove.

High Tensile Bar Couplers

The bar coupler system consists of two components. The cast-in part (2010) comes complete as a threaded socket swaged on to a high yield reinforcement bar. The stress carrying area of the socket is larger than that of the bar and ensures that the reinforcement bar is the weakest part of the coupler. The screw-in starter part (2020) has rolled thread on to an enlarged end/ thereby ensuring that the full strength of the bar may be used in design Detailed data sheet available on request. A large range of sizes available: T12 -T32. Each size available in a variety of lengths. Sockets are steel precision tube, zinc plated. Yield strength 470N/mm2, Elongation min. 15% Anchor: reinforcement steel FEB 500.

Aligator Couplers

Aligator couplers are a fast and simple method of connecting reinforcing steel for bar diameters 10mm to 40mm. The steel bars are simply placed in either end of the coupler and the shear bolts along the top are tightened with a suitable tool until the bolt heads shear off. Internally the conical tip of the bolts will have penetrated the steel bars holding them firmly in position.
UNIT TYPE DIMENSIONS BAR TYPE LENGTH 'L' M85 T10 T12 360 430 M116 T10 T12 360 430 M150 T10 T12 360 430 M165 T10 T12 T16 360 430 500 M185 T10 T12 T16 360 430 650 M225 T10 T12 T16 360 430 650 M100 T16 650 Reinforcement Connection System