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Cavity Ties

Heavy Duty, vertically twisted tie, safety ended, Sizes 150-300mm. Stainless steel or galvanised. Double Triangle Tie, double or single format stainless steel only, 150-300mm.

Debonded Cavity Ties

Available in stainless steel, with or without plastic sleeve. Length 250mm only and plastic sleeve 150 mm long.

Frame Cramp Ties

Available in stainless steel and galvanised. Fix with 8mm Expansion anchors or shot fix.

Debonded Frame Cramp Tie

Lengths 150 & 200mm Plastic Sleeve 150mm

Timber Frames Wall Ties

Stainless steel Masonry to Timber tie for 50mm cavities in timber frame buildings, accommodates vertical movement, conforms to B.S. DD140 pt.2 1987, tested to B.S. DD140 pt.1 1986, supplier complete with nails.

Insulation Disks

Insulation retaining clips used with Cavity Wall Ties to hold insulation panels in place.

Halfen 28/20 Ribslot Channel

The profile of the new Halfen Channel 28/20 Ribslot self-anchoring channel has been designed to achieve minimal deflection, similar to those given for masonry/masonry ties in DD140. The 28/20 Ribslot is available in Grade 304 stainless steel (S304) and pre- galvanised mild steel with a Z275 coating (PG).

Halfen 28/15 Surface Fixed Channel

Halfen 28/15 is available in plain back for welding, slotted back for surface fixing or with welded anchors (HTA) for casting into concrete. The 28/15 channel comes in Grade 304 Stainless steel and mill finish (black) or hot dip galvanised mild steel to BS 729 (HDG). Grade 316 stainless steel is also available to special order.

HTS-B Channel Ties

HTS-B ties locate into Halfen 28/20 Ribslot or 28/15 channel to provide a positive restraint which meets both tension/compression performance requirements and movement tolerance for masonry/masonry ties as described in DD140. The unique 'A' shape of the ties imparts extra strength, allowing a reduction in the width of materials used over traditional masonry tie design (ties for design cavities of 30mm or less do not have drip feature). The HTS-B ties are normally manufactured from Grade Z275 pre- galvanised mild steel and Grade 304 stainless steel (S304). Grade 316 stainless steel (S316) is also available to special order. Material Thickness 2.0mm for tie projection up to 175mm. 2.5mm for tie projection over 175mm

Debond Ties

Plain shank HTS-B ties with or without plastic sleeves are available for shear load applications (debonded ties are 2 mm thick only). Tie projection 150 or 200mm (other projections to order). Plastic Sleeve 150 or 200mm long.
75 & 100 mm  No Drip feature 125, 150, 175, 200mm  With drip Feature

Wall Ties

Wall Ties