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Polystyrene Bolt Box

A low cost method of forming a cavity in foundations for holding down bolts. Waxed cardboard bolt boxes also available.

Frost Mat/Curing Mat

Frost mats have extremely low thermal conductivity (0.035W/km), so are highly suitable to provide thermal insulation. Used horizontally, their thermal insulation or U value is 2.3. Thermal insulation is retained even in wet conditions. Due to the closed cell structure of the polyethylene, water absorption is very low and frost mats are highly resistant to abrasion and tearing.


Protects fresh concrete from frost.

Expansion Dowel Bar Caps

A range of dowel bar debonding caps manufactured from rigid PVC tube with compressible filler fixed into one end, which allows for expansion of dowel bars in construction joints. Stainless steel dowel bars can be supplied in a variety of diameters and lengths to order.

Expansion Dowel Bar Sleeves

PVC Dowel bar sleeves provide a very successful and efficient method of debonding Dowel bars. They are clean to handle and quick to fit at any time convenient to the contractor. Alternatively, a debonding compound is also available.

Crack Inducers

Crack Inducer Top This two part PVC crack inducer and joint former induces a controlled crack in continuously laid concrete Its hollow, braced section makes it strong enough to be vibrated directly into wet concrete. Subsequently, the top section can either be left intact or removed to create a joint. Crack Inducer Bottom For use on the base of slabs, when minimal top cover prevents the use of the top crack inducer. The depth of a crack inducer should equal between one quarter and one third the depth of a slab. So for very slabs, both types may need to be used.

Polyethylene Foam Rod

45kg closed cell circular foam rod use in expansion joints. Alternatively it can be used as groutcheck foam, particularly around precast elements.


PVC void formers in 4 sizes designed for forming grooves in concrete or nailing to formwork. Supplied in 3 meter lengths.
OVERALL DEPT X WIDTH JOINT DEPTH 50 x 10mm 25mm 75 x 10mm 25mm LENGTH 5m   DEPTH 40 mm 75 mm LENGTH 5m DIMENSIONS (MM) 6mm 1500m CTN 10mm 1100m CTN 12mm 900m CTN 15mm 500m CTN 20mm 300m CTN 25mm 200m CTN 30mm 150m CTN 40mm 80m CTN DEPTH  20 x 10 20 x 20 25 x 12 25 x 25 Length Size A x C B mm 75 x 50 225 75 x 50 300 75 x 50 375 75 x 50 450 75 x 50 550 75 x 50 600 75 x 50 762 Size Thickness 69m x 1.95m 8mm thick 50m x 1.6m 5mm thick, foil backed. 50 x 1.37m	Grade: 10 oz weight  Size BAR DIA x OVERALL LENGTH mm 16 x 100 20 x 100 25 x 100 32 x 100 BAR DIA x OVERALL LENGTH mm 12 x 450 16 x 300 20 x 300 25 x 300 32 x 375

Floor Slab Accessories

Floor Slab Accessories